Why Math & Science Degrees Will Always Be Needed In Society

Math and science go hand in hand, and together, they make up the foundation for a lot of important careers. Not everyone may realize, but many fields rely on mathematics, and not just the obvious ones. 

If you’re interested in either field, it is highly recommended that you consider  higher level course work to strengthen your resume. 

SUNY math and science degrees are designed to help students learn how to model real world problems and find mathematically sound, scientifically backed solutions across a multitude of careers. No matter what your interest is, math and science both have an application in a majority of fields. 

Multiple Careers are reliant on mathematics 

Mathematics is one of those topics that people can be divided on. People will often fall into a love/hate relationship with them. If solving mathematical equations wasn’t quite your interest in the past, it can be easy to overlook just how intertwined the field is with a multitude of careers. Anytime you align yourself with a career in science, technology or engineering, mathematics has a part to play. Search for more information on “SUNY math and science degrees”. 

Advancing your career with a foundation that speaks to employers

Mathematics is needed in a lot of different fields and sometimes the comparative advantage between you, and another candidate for a job might be a minor, or major in mathematics that supports your field. Maybe you want to work in environmental science and do your part to study, and understand the ecosystem that we all share; a secondary degree in mathematics may be just enough to tip the scale in your favor when a future employer is looking for a competent analyst. Perhaps you enjoy computers and would like a job in telecommunications; mathematics is the foundation of computer language, and is an essential part to understanding how computer systems interact

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Emerging fields are heavily reliant on both mathematics and science

High-demand jobs are competitive even though there is a need for them to be filled. Interests focused around public and environmental health, such as biostatics, or fields that deal with marketing and communications all deal with mathematics on a base level. A minor in statistics could set you apart from fellow applicants when applying for any number of jobs in these fields. 

Consider The Benefits

Whether you’re analyzing meteorology reports, or accessing the amount of foot traffic on your blog, a minor in mathematics could be a game changer in understanding your business. Everyone could use a comparative advantage to set them apart from the crowd.  Whether you’re hunting for employment through a company, or you’re going into business for yourself, find more information by searching for ”SUNY math and science degrees”. A solid foundation in the right fields could lead to a future in whichever career pursue. Discuss your plans with an advisor, a school representative, or someone you trust to give you clear, and reliable advice. Take an extra moment to consider how a degree in mathematics and science could bolster your resume, and your future career. 

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