How to Keep Your Garage Door Running Smoothly

Are you a homeowner looking to learn how to care for your garage doors? Garage doors should always be a part of home maintenance; taking care of them is as essential as maintaining other parts of your home.

Garage door maintenance will not only protect your garage but also extend the lifespan of the door itself. Should anything go awry, you know exactly what to fix and who to call to do the job.

Here is our guide to caring for your garage door.

Check Your Door Balance

Start by unplugging the garage door opener’s power and lifting your door manually. If the door is difficult or impossible to lift, then the springs need to be adjusted or replaced. If that is the case, then call this garage door repair specialist to make the necessary adjustments.

If the door lifts easily, move on to checking the balance of the door. Hold the release cord and then pull the safety cord down and then lift the door halfway. It should stay put without you having to hold it. If it does not, check the spring tension and make adjustments.

When finished, plug the opener back in and make sure the door can be opened and closed using the opener. If that does not work, then call for professional help. Properly balanced garage doors are important for them to run smoothly.

Remove Dirt From Tracks

Removing dirt from the tracks is one way to maintain your garage door. It’s good to take a few minutes each month to use a damp cloth and wipe any debris, dirt, or dust that may have accumulated in the grooves along the edge of your track. This will help ensure that the door moves and operate smoothly up and down and reduces the chances of the door sticking or not closing properly. 

Keep Hardware Lubricated

As the door opens and closes, it can cause the tracks, track bolts, hinges, and rollers to dry out and rust. To prevent this, look over your door and inspect it for any signs of wear and tear. Apply a lubricant/protectant directly onto the hinges, as well as the tracks, track bolts, and rollers.

Regularly check for any parts that need lubrication and apply it when needed, at least once a year. Keeping your garage door lubricated is a great way to keep your door working like new.

Clean and Paint Your Door

Proper cleaning and occasional painting of your garage door are important in ensuring its longevity and functioning properly. Start by using proper cleaning products.

Once the cleaning is finished, ensure you inspect the entire surface of your door and check for rust, decay, or damage. If multiple areas are affected, you may want to consider replacing the door instead.

If you decide to paint the door, use a paint that is designed for metal surfaces and two coats of paint will be enough. For best results, apply the paint in a consistent pattern and try to support even strokes. 

Start Your Home Maintenance With Your Garage Doors

Garage doors are essential for convenience and ease of use. Regular garage and home maintenance should be done to keep it running smoothly for a long time, such as lubing the tracks, checking the motor and photo sensors, and cleaning the exterior. With proper care and maintenance, you can be sure your garage door will be working perfectly for years to come. 

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