How Josh King Madrid’s Become World’s Greatest Social Media Marketers 

Since he was a young child, Josh King Madrid, AKA JetSetFly, has always been determined to turn his dreams into reality. He used to get written off as living in an imaginary world by teachers and other adults, but really he was just trying to build the world he saw in his mind. This was the start of his entrepreneurial spirit.

I’ve always been an ambitious person with big goals and dreams, which has unfortunately led to me getting in trouble quite a lot throughout my school life. I’ve been in detention, got sent to the principal’s office and had parent-teacher meetings more times than I can count – all because I liked to talk to other students about my future plans.

I remember my teachers hearing my conversations and telling me that I lived in an “imaginary world”. They failed to realize that we are ***’s highest form of creation and every single human was given the ability to use their imagination for their greater good, which is exactly what I did. Today I reflect back to see just how every single one of those crazy “imaginary” scenarios came true. I realize the only difference between myself and the rest of society is the fact I executed on what it took to make these imaginative stories the story of my reality,” Josh King Madrid recounts.

To say that JetSetFly is an entrepreneur would be an understatement. He is a founder and co-founder of multiple businesses, owner of digital software tools, and the mastermind behind numerous incredible ideas. JetSet known as JetSet truly embodies the term ‘ entrepreneur’ and is an inspiration to anyone looking to start their own business or create something amazing.

I own multiple software tools for digital marketing, such as Flyer Funnel, and I’m a co-founder or business partner for dozens of multi-million dollar influencers and brands. When it comes to internet marketing, backend systems and chatbot automation that allows brands to rapidly scale are often neglected because they require complex knowledge and experience to implement them effectively.

Having a natural knack for online marketing and SEO has allowed me to create systems that generate millions in sales each year for some of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs and brands. I play the same role in each of my partnerships – I’m the marketing mastermind behind all the upsells, retention strategies, marketing campaigns and social promotion plans for mainly infoproducts, OnlyFans memberships, and apps. This comes as second nature to me and some may view these skills as a foreign language, but it’s something I’m passionate about which is evident in my successful track record.

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