Repair and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems

The efficiency and service life of equipment does not only depend on its quality, capacity, and class. Of great importance is the frequency of maintenance and the timeliness of its repair. The occurrence of errors or breakdowns leads to a reduction of the efficiency and quality of air purification. This affects the health of people in the room, as well as the service life of the equipment. Maintenance of ventilation systems is a standard and mandatory requirement for industrial and manufacturing facilities. The work must be carried out with a certain frequency and using special equipment. Only in this case, we can talk about the safety of human health.

The equipment needs to be repaired or replaced, but a lack of knowledge about the principles of the functioning of heater motors can prevent the unit from malfunctioning, on you can learn more about the nuances and cost of the repair.

Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning includes a set of works. The company performs the necessary range of services and guarantees the efficient operation of all systems while meeting the requirements for the frequency of maintenance.

What is included in the maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems?

The complex work on maintenance includes preventive measures to avoid equipment breakdowns.

  • General diagnostics of the entire system, automatics, filters, motors, and fans. All units of the system are inspected and tested. The efficiency of the equipment is assessed;
  • Recuperator cleaning, an inspection of air dampers;
  • Evaluating the amount of freon in the communications;
  • Inspection and verification of the operation of sensors, and evaluation of airflow in the duct;
  • Testing of electrical devices.
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As a preventative measure, it is recommended to change the filters, which trap dust, dirt, grease, and other contaminants that hang in the air. Infrequent or no filter replacement leads to the breeding of pathogens. They, in turn, negatively affect human health and lead to various diseases. Therefore, in addition to the timely replacement of filters, it is necessary to treat them periodically with special antibacterial compositions. The periodicity depends on the speed of clogging, as well as the type of activity performed within the premises.

Maintenance of air conditioning systems includes such work:

  • Inspection of the structure and its elements for quality of fasteners, and presence of mechanical damage;
  • Verification of automatic settings;
  • Routine maintenance of connections;

Repair or replacement of parts of the system

It is essential to observe a strict frequency of maintenance and repair. They are recommended:

1 time in 3 months – thorough diagnostics of the system, all mechanisms, automatics, and fixtures;

1 time in half a year – measures for disinfection, processing of filters, fans, cleaning of the electric heater;

Once a year – cleaning of external surfaces of fans, and equipment.

It is also important to timely replace system parts if they are out of order. If you feel a decrease in the efficiency of the air conditioning or ventilation systems, you should immediately contact the masters to fix the failure.

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