The Underarm bowling incident of 1981

As it happens with most other professional sports, cricket is not immune to controversy. There is a particular chapter of this kind in the history of the game that happened during a match between Australia and New Zealand. The best India sports news are available on, and it features cricket and other disciplines that are liked in that country.

Between January and February 1981, the New Zealand and Australian teams faced each other in a series of ODI matches. They were supposed to play five matches in total. However, a particular occurrence took place on the 1st of February. On that day, the third match of the series was being played, and a controversy arose that is even remembered to this day. Visitors of 1xNews India will discover that highly accurate sports news are available on the website, and they feature lots of cricket information. visit here

An incident that led to a change or rules

After the first and second matches of the series, both teams were tied 1-1. Fans can discover only best cricket match prediction from 1xNews, which can be used for wagering on all major cricket squads.

Nearing the end of the contest the Australian team was winning. However, New Zealand still had a chance to tie the game. Here is when the controversy appears. Greg Chappell was the captain of the Australian team at the time. He told his bowler, Trevor Chappell, who also happened to be his brother, to throw the ball rolling over the ground. This is contrary to what is normally done, which is to throw the ball up in the air.

This forced New Zealand batsman Brian McKechnie to play in a defensive manner. In turn, this took out the last chance that New Zealand had to tie the game. When wanting to get only the best cricket match predictions, the best site to do so is from the 1xNews platform.

A legal but outrageous play

It should be noted that this kind of play was completely allowed by the rules of the game. However, it was seen as something that went against the spirit of the sport. The website offers fantastic information about New Zealand and Australian cricket, as well as Indian kabaddi.

Even Australians showed their disapproval of this play. Some of the names that voiced their negatives opinions included:

  • Richi Benaud, who was a former captain of the Australian team;
  • Ian Chappell, who was another former Australian captain and was the older brother of both Greg and Trevor;
  • and even the Prime Minister of Australia at the time, who was Malcolm Fraser.

After this incident, there was a revision to the laws of the game. Specifically, now it is mandatory to deliver bowls above the ground. The 1xNews website can also inform its readers about controversies that occur in the world of cricket.

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