Top 3 relevant IT services for small businesses in 2022


Modern business development is closely connected with digital technologies. Various IT services greatly simplify the execution of many tasks. In addition, they allow you to optimize and automate many work processes, freeing employees from routine work. The growing demand has prompted developers to create new products. Thanks to this trend, there are hundreds of platforms and applications for business today. Each product has its pros and cons. Some are better suited for startups and small businesses. Others meet the requirements of large companies. Is it worth spending time exploring the possibilities of each IT service for your business? Of course not. It is better to try the most popular and effective products that are in the greatest demand and have positive user reviews. Let’s look at several business platforms that have been actively developing for many years and have millions of active users!

Manage workflows with Slack

The first in line is Slack. Today Slack is one of the most popular and widespread platforms. which is used by startups and business leaders. This is a powerful enough tool. It meets the requirements of millions of users from all over the world!

Slack is a structured corporate messenger with a powerful set of communication tools. Communicate in private/public chats, send voice messages, discuss current tasks and new ideas in video conferences, exchange and edit documents, and use notifications! It will take you a lot of time to explore all the features of Slack. There are so many of them!

Important Advantages of Slack

Slack is a powerful platform for organizing teamwork and project management. Don’t be confused by the fact that the developments position the IT service as a business messenger. Thanks to the possibility of integrating third-party applications into a single workspace, you will turn the messenger into a convenient platform for your business. The Slack library has more than 2.5 thousand third-party free applications and it is constantly being expanded with new IT services. Thus, you get a powerful tool for development that takes into account all the nuances and requirements of your business!

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The next important feature of Slack, which distinguishes the application from competitors, is an affordable pricing policy. Young businesses, especially startups, always lack resources at the first stages of development. The achievement of the desired result depends on the correct distribution of available finances. Therefore, saving money is a priority in the first period of business operation. Slack is perfect for this! The platform has several tariffs. A free version of the product is also available. The free version has a full set of functionality with few limitations. This is the best option for small teams and small businesses. In the future, with the growth of the project and profit, you can switch to a more suitable tariff plan!

High level of communication with clients and partners

Great opportunities for organizing teamwork and optimizing workflows are an important advantage of Slack. What about external communications? What is if your business involves working with a large number of clients? Just install the necessary integrations and use them to communicate and interact with potential partners and customers. Use Slack SMS to send mass SMS mailings, collect customer reviews, discuss issues with partners, and process customer requests. Slack allows you to use your business phone to the maximum of its capabilities!

Microsoft Teams: effective communication and workflow

Slack’s closest competitor is an IT service from a well-known company. We are talking about Microsoft Teams. It is a powerful tool for organizing teamwork and project management. Microsoft has many services and applications for office work. Cloud technologies can be used in a single Teams workspace. It is very convenient and efficient.

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Teams helps to organize and automate work processes. Use specialized tools for communication and interaction between team members. These are chats, voice messages, calls, and video conferences. Share documents, edit them with other employees, mark important messages and set up automatic notifications! With Teams, you can quickly automate routine tasks that used to take a lot of time!

Is it possible to integrate third-party applications? Yes, install and use additional IT services. All of them are accessible from your workspace. Use bots, VoIP services, analytics, and marketing applications!

Microsoft Teams is available on all popular platforms. You can install it on any device, including a smartphone and tablet. Mobility plays an important role in business and Microsoft Teams gives it to its users!

What about pricing policy? If you want to save money, you can use the free version. You get powerful functionality with few limitations. With an increase in profits, you can always upgrade to the paid version with more development opportunities. Microsoft Teams is a great platform for organizing and managing a startup. However, do not underestimate the application. Large companies actively use it with thousands of employees!

Visual project management with Trello

The latest application for today is Trello. Trello is a very common program for organizing personal affairs and business. At first glance, it may seem very simple and even primitive, but the more you study it, the more useful functions become available to you.

The main idea of Trello is visual project management and tasks with Kanban boards. There are a huge number of board templates in Trello, and you don’t have to figure out how to arrange the columns correctly every time.

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The main advantages of Trello, which distinguish the platform from competitors:

  • Visibility
  • Consistency
  • Quick feedback
  • Cross-platform

Trello is a fairly advanced program. It effectively copes with many tasks of organizing and managing a team. The free version (full functionality with few restrictions) allows small businesses to save money for development.

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