Temporary Buildings Options for Organizations


Organizations such as schools, government bodies, non-profit companies, and health centers are now using temporary buildings to enjoy their benefits. These structures are made of different materials such as metal frames and fabric or PVC covers. However, other materials such as engineered panels made of recycled materials are becoming popular in making long-term temporary buildings for organizations.

So, what options do these companies have when choosing their temporary structure? Let’s dig deep into this topic to learn more.

Common Materials Used for Temporary Structures

As organizations choose their appropriate structures, they need to understand the most common materials used and how they affect their functionality. Here is a list.

  • Steel and iron – These materials commonly make the frames. Some are welded permanently while most are secured using screws so that they can be dismantled as needed. Steel and iron can also make panels like in the case of semi-permanent structures used in organizations.
  • Fabric – Whether it is the canvas or any other fabric, these are common for structures that need to be moved regularly. They are used together with steel or iron frames, for instance, rented industrial tents from Smart-Space and clear span structures used in factories and showrooms.
  • PVC and other panels – PVC is best for roofs in steel and iron-framed structures but can also be used as side panels. However, panels made of stronger materials can be used without steel and iron frames to make large temporary buildings for organizations.
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To Buy or Rent Temporary Buildings

While organizations such as schools and hospitals are looking for temporary buildings, they need to decide whether they will buy or rent the structures. Many factors determine this including your budget and needs.

Buying is often preferred when you need long-term structural solutions and it is better to go for steel structures, clear-span buildings, or any other that will last for a long time. On the other hand, schools, hospitals, or other organizations can rent these structures when they have an emergency and only need a temporary structural solution. The good news is that there are many companies that rent out these structures at an affordable fee.

Modular or Customized Temporary Buildings

Organizations have the option to choose modular structures or make bespoke ones with the help of a professional service provider. Modular structures such as portable classrooms, industrial tents, and clear span structures are made in a factory and are ready for installation on site. They are offered in different designs and sizes for clients to choose from. So, one needs to choose which will suit their needs or is as close as possible to what they want.

On the other hand, there are bespoke structures that are specifically designed for organizations. These have many benefits such as perfectly fitting in tight and small spaces. For instance, a school could design an extra temporary classroom to fit in tight corridors and spaces. Likewise, organizations with other buildings can create extra workspace through temporary buildings designed to fit in between them.

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Booking and Paying for Temporary Buildings

When organizations are planning to have temporary buildings, they should make a budget that is enough to fund the best structures. It is paramount to hunt for the best options on the market by reviewing the providers in the region. Always look at the materials they use, the design, and their reputation. Once you are contented, book and pay for the structures as per their requirements.

The good thing is that both modular and custom temporary buildings take a short time to set up. Now that you know the options you have, you will have an easy time choosing the best temporary structures for your organization.



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