Why an articulated dump truck is invaluable for any construction job

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Having started off working on building sites learning the trade, you are delighted to have progressed to starting a company that has completed a few building jobs which has led to you increasing your workforce.

You have won the contract for the construction of several new houses. After amassing equipment and machinery as you go, you need for this, the biggest of all your jobs so far, the extra help offered by articulated dump trucks for several important reasons.

  • You want something reliable that will last you not just this job, but many more in the future, so you are eager to look at the companies offering what you are looking for, with John Deere, one of the leading names in the field being at the top of your list.
  • It is essential that you have the right vehicle for the job. First impressions go a long way and any business looking to impress wants a dump truck that can transport loose materials around or away from the construction site reliably without any snags.
  • The beauty of an articulated dump truck is that the frame will not twist. This gives it an immediate advantage over rigid frame dump trucks which can suffer from twisting, and thus lead to wasted time and expensive repairs or replacements. An articulated vehicle comes with tractor-trailer combinations which allow the body and tractor units to flex separately to ensure protection. Perhaps you also want to look at installing construction site security cameras to protect your new truck.
  • You are likely to encompass some tight spaces on the rough land prior to the start of actual construction, so an articulated truck will prove the perfect aid with its tight turning circle. Muddy, rocky, and uneven ground are no problem enabling the drivers an ease of passage and plenty of leeway on corners compared to driving alternative models.
  • Looking after the driver is one that any caring boss should consider as he will be amply repaid. Giving them a comfortable cab afforded by the best models will ensure that while they spend a lot of time in the truck, they will enjoy working in an excellent environment and offer greater productivity as a result. The can of an articulated truck is bigger, with some designs offering heated seats, air conditioning, and a comfortable ride-suspension system. He might enjoy his downtime with a different type of ride.
  • The load impact offered by an articulated dump truck is most impressive, all managed without impacting on the environment surrounding the driver. Six-wheel capabilities and greater traction allows for loads to be transported quickly and easily, while the ejector system allows for loads to be dumped even when the truck is in motion
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The purchase of an articulated dump truck guarantees a robust vehicle which prevents the frame from twisting that is easy and enjoyable to drive. No terrain will create a problem, with tight corners easy to negotiate, making it an invaluable piece of equipment on any construction site.

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