construction worker salary

Average construction worker salary

Construction worker average salary is $48,000 per year and construction worker hourly pay is $24.79 in USA.

Construction workers are the ones employed physically on site to perform their duties on regular basis. They have given specific type and level of work they perform according to their experience level and talent.

Construction workers and helper perform many tasks on construction site physically e.g. craft workers helper, loader, concrete mixing & placing, window installer helpers that assist them on site.

They used to clean the site with help of shovel, unload the building material and put them in order, drivers and technical staff. Construction worker don’t really need formal education but just a little skills OJT on-job training. They should have physical strength and stamina.

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What is craftworker?

Craftworker refer to the worker that has special skills to do a specific job e.g. brick mason, block mason, electrician, plumber, tile fitter, plasterer, painter, carpainter etc. The helper that assist the craftworker are construction worker or labourers.

The construction worker or helper that help craft worker can get advancement and become craft worker after gaining experience.

What is construction laborer jobs?

As construction workers job and duty is to perform physically task on construction according to supervisor’s instruction. Following are the job and duties of construction workers that they perform.

  1. To clean the site and prepare the site for construction work, by removing debris and waste material.
  2. Load and unload the construction material, and place them on safe place orderly.
  3. Dig a trench or fill up the back holes.
  4. Prepare the scaffolding or take part in preparation.
  5. Operate machinery and clean of machines.
  6. Follow the instructions of supervisor.
  7. Assist the craft worker.
What construction worker do?
What construction worker do?

Average construction worker salary:

How much does a construction worker make?

How much do construction workers make yearly? These data has been cross checked by bureau of labor statistics and found the latest 2021 per annumn salaries. Following are the What is the highest paid job in construction?

Construction workers$48,000
Helper–>brick,blockmasons, tile & marble fitter60,000
Helper–>plumbers, pipefitters56,180
Helper–>construction, all other36,000
Helper–>painters, plasterers35,300
Construction worker average salary

How much construction worker salary per hour?

Construction Workers make on an average or construction worker salary per hour is about $24 an hour, construction worker make about $168 a week and $48,000 per year on an average.

How much does a construction worker make a year?

Construction worker nyc salary?

Construction Worker salary in New York or how much does a construction worker make a week? its about $720 per week. How much money do NYC construction workers make or worker salary in california ? Its about $52,000 per year.


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